One of the ways I get to serve the church is by preaching, and you can hear what that sounds like by following these links:

Another Way to Pray, December 2017
Dead, then Alive, October 2017
In Christ, September 2017
Right & Wrong, September 2017
Chosen, September 2017
Speaking in Tongues, August 2017
Gifts That Build the Church, August 2017
Waiting, July 2017
Rejoicing, June 2017
Don't Wander Off, May 2017
A Healthy View of God, April 2017
Men, Women, and Church Leadership, March 2017
The Spirit of Power, Love, and Self-Control, February 2017
Be Content, February 2017
A Healthy Relationship with Government, January 2017
God Saves, October 2016
God's Power for The Impossible, October 2016
God Calls, October 2016
A Living Hope Through Leadership, September 2016
A Living Hope, July 2016
The Gift of Prophecy Today, June 2016
What Does A Prophet Look Like?, June 2016
Total Provision, May 2016
Total Joy, April 2016
Total Imitation, April 2016
Total Confidence, March 2016
Total Victory, February 2016
Total Focus, January 2016
Simply Time, December 2015
Rediscovering Purpose, November 2015
The Enemy Within, October 2015
Getting God's Promises, September 2015
Wisdom in Suffering, Part 2, August 2015
Wisdom in Suffering, Part 1, July 2015
Free to Boast, June 2015
Free From Division, May 2015
Free From Hierarchy, March 2015
Free From Powerlessness, February 2015
Free From Tightfistedness, January 2015
Free From A Destructive Lifestyle, January 2015