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Eulogy for Dad

Last month my Dad died of pancreatic cancer, less than four weeks after being diagnosed. Here’s what I said at his funeral, and a poem I wrote for him as he left us.

Dad was a great enjoyer of things, and I want to take you to Newlyn Harbour to share some of those with you. It was a place we would often visit when we were on holiday in Cornwall - and Cornwall was the land that he loved, a place where everything seemed better for him. The sights and sounds, the tastes and smells, couldn’t be beaten.

The harbour itself is a place of industry and effort, which Dad always appreciated. The engineering involved would be pointed out to us, from his seemingly-limitless knowledge of how things worked. This depth of understanding sometimes led to my science homework containing a level of detail way beyond what was required for a 13-year-old! This sharing of knowledge was never done to show off, but as part of his marvelling, and as a way to encourage respect for what had been achieved. I learnt…

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