I'm writing a book, and writing this will help me write it

It's odd the number of times people have asked me if I'll ever write a book. Writing seems to be a gift that God has given me that doesn't get much air-time (of course I write my preaches but that's ultimately a different kind of gift - you can't just read prose out) but is always there under the surface. The thing is, because there are always more urgent things to be done (like writing preaches), it gets pushed to the back of the list, at best, or more likely forgotten about for another few months. But I want to change that.

As I said, people have often asked me if I'd ever write a book; sometimes because of my background (English degree, student journalism), or because I've written some articles for magazines published by Newfrontiers, Newday, and Youthwork. But sometimes it has nothing to do with anything like that. Someone once prophesied over me that there was "creativity in your hand", which kind of chimes with this too. Recently I've felt more and more convinced that I needed to do something about this, and the result (God willing) is a project that I'm probably going to call, The Bible is true. I don't expect it will be officially published (the church photocopier will probably bear the brunt of that job) but it won't just be a leaflet - something in between I think. The aim will be to create a resource that encourages people to trust the Bible and read it, and helps them understand it and live by what it says. This is one of my real passions. My trouble is that I get excited about starting something, but am not so good at following something through to completion. By telling a few people about it, and writing about it here, I hope to give myself a proverbial kick to get on with this. Let's see.

P.S. Sorry about the lame image but it was the best I could find without really searching. My book will probably have even worse pictures.