Potentially brilliant tool


I usually get excited about new things, and I think I found a new thing today that is worth getting excited about.

YouVersion is an online Bible tool that allows you to build up a pile of notes and thoughts about Scripture and access it anywhere with an Internet connection. For those of you who scribble notes in your Bible, it's a bit like that. The added bonus is that you can also benefit from thoughts, links, or images that other uses have put up and add them to your own section. So I just had a look at Genesis 1 and found a link to a John Piper preach, and a YouTube clip of astronauts from Appollo 8 reading those verses from space!

As both a study geek and a preacher I like this a lot! I've only just signed up and started exploring but it looks like it could be a real gift. And even if it isn't quite as helpful as it seems, it's still a great example of edifying Christian creativity. More these things like this please!