What I learnt on holiday

As I said in earlier posts, I was really keen to use some of my time on holiday getting refreshed through God's Word. I'm glad to say that I did that, through a bit of simple reading and meditating on Psalms 113-18.

Having felt at Brighton that I needed to give more of my attention to knowing God better, I made the focus of my time looking to learn about Him.

So here is what I took away with me; brief highlights of every Psalm...

113. God is high above but He comes down for us. And then lifts us up!
114. Four things God does for His people: brings them out of slavery, takes them in to an inheritance, constitutes a relationship with them, provides for them.
115. Eleven characteristics of God can be found here - and they are all true for today.
116. How God's people respond to Him teaches us about what He is like. They love Him, they call out to Him in their trouble, they worship Him.
117. He is for the nations!
118. God is on my side.

These little studies and thoughts were wonderful in themselves, but what was even more edifying was how I stuck them in my memory. As each day went on I kept repeating them in my head, the list increasing all the time. So I could be up a mountain or in the pub, and I had glorious thoughts about God running through my head and touching my heart. And it was this that made the holiday.