The value and beauty of wisdom

There's nothing like wisdom; Scripture tells us that it is "better than jewels" and that we should do all we can to get it. Wisdom is valuable because it enables us to live life well, demonstrating that God can be trusted. And it is beautiful because it reveals another glorious aspect of God's character to us, causing us to worship Him.

Real wisdom begins with the fear of God (Proverbs 1:7), so I particularly seek out men and women who love and revere Jesus. Some of them I know personally, some I'm blessed by from a distance. John Piper is one of those guys and here he writes with passion and sensitivity about sad news from Florida.

Getting wise is clearly a lifelong job, and one that loads of Christians don't seem that bothered about. Both the immature reactions to everything that has happened in Florida (both for it and against it) and the contrastingly profound comments by the likes of Piper have reminded me that getting wisdom has to be a priority for me. The great news is that Jesus is totally committed to this project too!