Fasting follow-up

A few weeks ago I wrote about fasting and mentioned non-food fasts. I did so because I had recently tried to do a normal day in the office whilst fasting and found it incredibly hard. Not in the 'good things take effort' way, but in the 'I'm not sure I'm honouring my employers because I'm not concentrating properly' way.

The focus of that day's fast was the church family prayer meeting in the evening, so when another one came around this week I decided to go for a non-food fast. I removed all entertainment media from my life for the day: radio, TV, magazines, websites, etc.

In the previous post I wrote about how fasting should humble us and express our desperation to God that He move amongst us. I really felt that this fast helped me with both those things. It was really odd: my morning, lunchtime, and evening were all different to usual. It made me pause to think how much stuff I let into my head, and it gave me more time and concentration to pray for the prayer meeting. It took effort, of course, but it was absolutely worth it.

The meeting itself was wonderful. God's presence was so powerfully with us, I feel excited remembering it! Thus aware of Him with us, we heard reports on how God had answered some of our prayers from the previous meeting, prayed for our work with young people, brought to God the significant forthcoming events in our calendar, and looked beyond our walls as we prayed for governments in accordance with God's word (1 Timothy 2:1-2) and in light of recent events.

I'll definitely be fasting from food on other occasions but it's been great to discover a new way in which I can seek God earnestly.