The vault

One of the roles I love to play is what Belbin calls Resource Investigator ("Where a Plant creates new ideas, a Resource Investigator will quite happily steal them from other companies or people."). You might just want to call it research: I love finding helpful things, storing them somewhere, and then getting them when I need them later. I'm a bit geeky, it gives me a buzz.

With this in mind I've created "Luke's vault" (borrowing/stealing from the Underllined Bits blog). It's still in its early days but this is what it's about:
- A blog that uses labels to help me store and retrieve helpful quotes, articles, etc.
- With its search function I can also search for key words that the labels miss.
- It's mostly edited highlights with links (I have a load more stuff on my computer that I'd like to put on there but am unsure about the legality of it).
- There are also reference lists of helpful resources, organisations and blogs for further investigation.

I'm doing this for my own use really but if it helps others too then all the better!