Far beyond what I asked or imagined

Just a quick line to praise God for how much better He is at answering prayers than I am at asking them!

My girlfriend was due to fly out of Ghana last Thursday night but faced a really complicated journey to Accra airport involving 6 different connections, starting with a 45-minute walk laden with her backpack, followed by numerous tro-tro and taxi rides. When she arrived in Ghana her first encounter with public transport involved a six-hour delay, so you can imagine how keen she and I were that this didn't happen again!

So what would you pray? I prayed very sensibly that she would be able to make all the connections and that the various modes of transport she used would be safe. How did God answer?

Debbie had spent the last couple of days of her trip staying at a location suggested by one of the other girls she had worked at the hospital with - she hadn't planned this at all. Mentioning her transportation plans to the parents of the owners of this place the day before she left (who were visiting for a couple of days), she discovered that they were getting the very same flight back to the UK as her, and were driving directly to Accra in an air-conditioned Jeep, and would she like a lift?!

She's now safely back in the UK, which is enough in itself for me to thank God for, but what an amazing way for our Father to show His attention and care? Praise be to "Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think"! (Ephesians 3:20)

Maybe I should go for fewer sensible prayers.