Happy birthday Johnny Cash

Today would be Johnny Cash's 77th birthday were he still alive on earth. Given that he's very much alive with his Saviour I don't suppose he minds too much that he's missed another one here!

I was introduced to Cash a few years ago by a good friend I was visiting in Montreal; we would go to a bar where a tribute band played some of his great songs (including, believe it or not, I've been everywhere). Watching his biopic Walk the line on the flight home (providentially enough), and then reading his autobiography gave me some understanding of the long journey he went through. He was a saint* and a sinner. Unlike many of us, he was really honest too.

If this has got you curious, Cash: the autobiography is a great read about a fascinating life, and a good compilation album (such as Legend) will show you the guy's talent and emotional depth. Walk the line is also a very decent film with some excellent performances. Best of all, you can be amazed, as Cash himself was, at the grace of God that rescues sinners, and keeps them rescued.

To celebrate his work and his faith, here are three videos:
- A short biopic by Mars Hill Church, Seattle.
- His incredible cover of Hurt by Nine Inch Nails, featuring scenes from his life.
- Singing about redemption (including a brilliant false start)

Thanks to Justin Taylor for letting me know today was the special day.

* 'Saint' as the Bible uses the word means anyone who is saved, unlike the Catholic usage which is a whole different thing.

(One final point of order: when Liverpool/England football fans sing the trumpet melody to Ring of Fire they get it wrong. I'm just saying, that's all.)