Best song ever about heaven?

If you're a Christian, what's your theology of food in eternity?

The Bible is clear that those who are taken to be with God will have bodies as we do now, only gloriously better (1 Corinthians 15:52). As there will be no more death (Revelation 21:4) - what will become of those of us who delight in eating meat? The answer I have satisfied myself with is that of the fruits produced by the tree of life (Revelation 22:2), one of them has got to taste of steak!

Of course what God has planned for our eternal joy and His eternal glory is too wonderful for my pitiful imagination to even conceive, though it's good to consider these things and come to open conclusions that lead us to worship God in awed joy.

It's clearly something that the couple in this video below have been thinking of. This song is absolutely incredible, as a friend said, "So after the third verse they thought 'I'll tell you what this songs needs... another verse!'" (If you go to YouTube they even put the words on the screen so you can sing along.) I hope you enjoy it.