One church, many blogs

Church of Christ the King in Brighton is one of my favourite churches. If I'm off work and looking for another church to attend, CCK is always high up on my list. I have loads of friends there, and the passion for Jesus that infuses everything they do is thrilling to behold.

They're also really keen to use technology to advance God's Kingdom, and their recently-revamped blogs are a great example of this:

CCK blog: video and notes from Sunday preaches (well worth checking out, CCK has such an abundance of excellent preachers), as well as other thoughts from leader Joel Virgo - a great guy who I count it a privilege to know as a friend.

Reason blog: dealing with common questions and criticisms of Christianity. A nice touch here is the list of topics at the top of the page, helping you find the area you're particularly interested in. If you like asking or answering tough questions you should keep an eye on this.

CCK Life: promising news, reviews, interviews and comment, primarily for members of CCK. I've looked at doing something like this for Brickhill but we're not off the ground yet, so it's great to see others ahead of us and learn from them.