Thoughts on God reigning

Last Sunday at our church services we that great song, Our God He reigns. As I was singing, I got to thinking about what Jesus reigning means.

Of the many things that can be said, here’s what stuck in my mind: God’s sovereignty means that this world will end as and when He has decided. Much seems chaotic now, to a finite mind, but God knows, and He is in charge, and when He ends all things to make them anew we will see His sovereignty clearly.

A picture then came into my mind of the sun rising. I’ve always preferred sun rises to sunsets (though I’ve seen fewer) because of the hope they carry. So I thought of Jesus’ return as the rising of the sun. Currently this world is darker than we’d like, but the sun is coming and there is already enough light to work by, and to trust that it will rise to the full. It will.

Light means hope, promises have been made that are sure. Better get ready, the Son is rising.

One of my all-time favourite film moments alludes to this theme…