Why I like that ubiquitous phone advert

It seems that everywhere I go at the moment (Bedford, Luton, Edinburgh) I see this advert. The company clearly feels they’ve put an amazing deal together and they want everyone to know about it. As it happens, I had taken them up on this offer before they started advertising it so strongly. But I nearly didn't.

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I decided that I needed a new phone contract because we call each other so much. With several hundred miles usually between us, this is vital. So she found me this deal. It includes 'unlimited'* same network calls, which as she's already with this provider made it very attractive. The offer also includes 200 anyone-anytime minutes, unlimited text messaging** and unlimited internet access. All for £20 a month. However, I didn't like the look of the phone it came with, so I searched around, found a phone I preferred the look of, and ordered it. It came with 300 free minutes and cost slightly more.

So, to recap: I found and bought a worse deal. Yep, that's what she thought too.

The phone arrived whilst I was enjoying the company of the one I was going to spend hours calling, and it was then that I realised the error of my ways. I went back to the offer that had been found for me, saw how much better it was, and then I discovered that I could get it with the phone pictured in all the adverts, which is top-notch. I sent my dumb order back and ordered the better deal.

The point is this: the adverts for this great deal are now everywhere! How mad with myself would I be if I had stuck with the rubbish deal and then found myself surrounded with evidence of my foolishness? How glad I am that my brilliant girlfriend showed me the best deal, and quietly persuaded me to change from the deal I’d gone for!

So it will be, the Bible says. When Jesus returns in judgement those who have rejected Him will weep at their foolishness. Will it make the agony of hell even worse to know that there is a heaven?

If you have not put your trust in Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, do so! There’s a great introduction to doing this here. The creation of the universe and the sustaining of all things; the trustworthy accounts in the Bible of the life, death and resurrection of the Jesus Christ; the conviction of your own conscience… these things point towards the greatest deal – don’t accept anything else!

And for those of us who are welcomed in to eternal joy with Jesus, will we not thank Him with tears amazed by grace that made the way for us to be saved, that sent the Spirit to awaken our hearts to Him, that called us back when we wandered?

* Unlimited actually means 2,000 minutes per month. And yes, we get through all of them.
** 4,000 texts. We don’t use all of these.

Disclaimer: neither my girlfriend or I work for the mobile company referred to in this article;other mobile deals are available which may also give you pause for thought.