Fantasy football, update 2

League position: 9th (out of 10)
Overall ranking: 1,187,069 out of 1,862,248

Two more ‘gameweeks’ have done by and little good seems to have come of them for me: the only reason I’m not bottom of the league is that the team below me entered a week late. It’s been such a shocking start to the season that I’m starting to think my team is based on Merseyside.

Having dropped Anderson I was rather surprised that he didn’t score a hat-trick against Burnley. Of my recent recruits, Mark Noble put in an innocuous performance and Darren Bent’s two-game run of goals came to an end.

It’s early days but I’m genuinely considering playing my wild card, a once-a-season opportunity to make unlimited subs at no cost . Before that happens, here’s the squad as it stands…

Foster (Very good value with two clean sheets out of three)
Cahill (Bolton are rubbish but will a better team sign him? Probably not)
Cole A
Vermaelen (Find of the season for me but that’s not saying much)
Lampard (Surely he’ll get more points as he gets used to the Ancellotti’s diamond?)
Fletcher (Great at missing chances)
Torres (Scored a couple, looks miserable the rest of the time)

Mikel (Difficult to know when he’ll play and when he won’t)