Fantasy football, update 4

League position: 5th (out of 11, up two places)
Overall ranking:573,782 out of 1,980,851

I'm in a state of shock: two good weeks in a row. All three strikers were in the goals and my midfielders put in strong performances too. The only annoyance was in defence with unused sub Gary Cahill's ten points passing me by.

Dare I leave things like this for another week? It's every manager's dilemma but I think as things aren't broke I won't attempt to fix. Darren Bent serves as a great example of this principle: he hadn't scored for a couple of games so I wanted to drop him but this week he repaid my loyalty (probably unbeknownst to him) with a brace.

Insua (Another clean sheet, I don't even know who he is but Rafa seems to like him)
Lampard (Assists aplenty but fewer goals than usual)
Fletcher (Assist, performance bonus, still good value)
Rooney (Yet another goal, should he be made captain for double points?)
Defoe (Got his goal in early before United could be bothered to play, good lad)
Bent (I might start calling him 'Loyalty card')

Samba (Kept a clean sheet, not that it meant anything to my score)
Cahill (Ten huge points missed)