Madchester derby

I was onboard EasyJet flight 85 from Luton to Glasgow whilst the mayhem in Manchester was unfolding on Sunday, and so probably spared myself a cardiac arrest or two. Here are some thoughts in response to what happened:

City haven't 'got under Ferguson's skin' against his will, he's simply a man who thrives on conflict. Liverpool, Newcastle, Chelsea, Arsenal, Italian teams, Real Madrid, referees, the press in general, the BBC in particular, John McManus and John Magnier... City join a long queue. He defines himself in opposition to others and that has consistently motivated him.

The funniest moment was Gary Neville running down the line to celebrate in front of the City fans, realising that this could get himself in trouble and so seamlessly transforming his inflammatory army-waving into an entirely innocent series of star jumps as part of a substitute's warm up.

Craig Bellamy is the kind of guy who it is easy to have an opinion about but there might be more to him than we think, as this article testifies.

Actually, this is the funniest thing...