Ethical energy?

For the past year or so I have had my gas and electricity supply billed by a company called Ebico. It is a not-for-profit Christian social enterprise, inspired by the gospel to be founded on these principles:

  • To seek out ways to support those most disadvantaged by dominant market trends.
  • To redress the bias towards profit in the energy market by offering viable alternatives that are equitable and fair.
  • To initiate and practise wise stewardship of resources.

When it comes to fuel bills, most people just look to pay the least amount for themselves - why not think differently? I've found Ebico to be both economical and ethical: I not only pay a decent price but I'm contributing to them helping others as well.

The other positive about choosing a company like this is that you can tell the door-to-door energy salespeople that you've made your choice for an ethical reason, not just to make savings, and they don't have an answer to that!

For more information, visit their website.