Wedding nonsense, part 1

When people ask me if I'm looking forward to getting married my standard reply is, "I'm looking forward to being married." My wedding day is massive because it represents the start of a huge new chapter in my life - the transformation, in fact, from being one to being part of one - and yet it is still just that: the start.

If this wasn't enough, Deb and I are having to plan this event and love each other whilst living hundreds of miles apart, at the same time as she works out how to be a newly-qualified doctor, and we consider where we think God wants us to start this new life together. We have many things to pray about, not the least of which is grace to keep the right perspective in all of this. So wedding nonsense is really the last thing we need and yet we can't seem to get away from it. As part of our efforts to stay sane, we'll share some of the more ridiculous things we find from time to time.

Wedding nonsense: "Upstaging your bride"
A guide to looking "presentable" in Condé Nast Grooms* included the following...

  • "Granted, liposuction may sound a little extreme, but increasing numbers of gents are getting rid of their love handles the easy way."
  • "Eyebrow shaping isn't just for girls. It's an effective way of defining the eyes naturally."
  • "Begin a series of facials"
  • "A manicure and pedicure will look swell and impress the wife on honeymoon. What's not to love?"
  • "It's time to remove unwanted hair - it's up to you (and your fiancée) to decide how extreme you go, from a tidy-up to a full-on back, sack and crack. The intrepid can try DIY products..."

Good. Grief.

* It comes with Brides magazine, I think. Magazines for men who are getting married don't seem to be for sale individually, surprisingly enough.