Not exactly what I came here for

If you'd asked me to go into details about what I was going to do in Scotland before I moved, helping out a holiday Kids' Club and getting very messy would have been nowhere on the list. Nevertheless, that's what happened this week. Those who know me well will no doubt find much joy in these pictures...

Game 1: Crack eggs over your leader's head to see if they're hard-boiled or not.

Game 2: Bob for apples in spaghetti and rice pudding.

Game 3: Spray a water-soluble table with a water pistol until it falls off.

Game 4: Put as many shaving-foam 'pies' on your leader as you can.

Game 5: Put as many Wotsits on the remaining shaving foam as you can.
Game 6: Fill the punctured milk bottle tied round your leader's waist with cups of water as quickly as possible.
Games 7: Drop Jelly Babies dipped in sauce into your leader's mouth whilst they lie on their back.

By the way, the bandanna is my pathetic attempt to fit in with the pirate theme.