Oh Adrian

The rumours about Adrian Chiles leaving the BBC have proved to be true. Aggrieved, apparently, about being partially replaced on The One Show (a programme so inane it seems impossible that anyone would care that much about it), he has upped sticks to ITV where he will follow in the footprints of Bob Wilson, Des Lynam and Steve Rider and possibly suffer the diminishing they experienced after introducing advert breaks became part of their job description.

Alas for Match of the Day 2. It's the best football show on TV, and Chiles has seemed integral to that success - so who can follow him? I agree with Barney Ronay that Tim Lovejoy would be an awful choice and that James Richardson would be an interesting one, but I would put my money on another guy already working in BBC Sport and doing a great job: Colin Murray. So long as they let him keep doing Fighting Talk.