A stranger in a foreign land... watching the World Cup

I love the World Cup, I’m genuinely looking forward to Honduras v Switzerland as much as England v USA. And for the first time in my life I won’t be in England to watch it. I’m not patri-idiotic but I don’t particularly relish the idea of watching England surrounded by a bunch of Scots cheering for the other side. Deb’s Scottish flatmate started on this the other day, saying (semi-jokingly) that he didn’t want England to win, and that we always go on about 1966. ‘It’s not like you weren’t invited,’ she replied, ‘You didn’t qualify! That's your own fault, if you were still in it you wouldn't mind us talking about it! ... And you say we go on about 1966, you guys never shut up about Bannockburn!’ I considered that a 2-0 win to England. There are a few of us southerners hanging around up here so we should be able to cheer and weep in quiet solidarity.

As someone whose expectations are hovering around ‘semi final followed by barely-deserved penalty heartbreak’ I don’t have a massive emotional investment in England, I just want to see loads of good football followed by brilliant montages. These are generally the preserve of the BBC, and they’ve already made an outstanding start with this...

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