High roads and low roads

Another weekend, another tank of petrol. This time the destinations were Glenmore and Perth. First to the Caingorms to speak at Hope Church Glasgow’s students and twenties weekend away. I did two talks about Christian identity from Ephesians 1. They’re a really passionate crowd and it was great to be able to celebrate with them some of the incredible things God has done, is doing, can do and will do. It was also great to be able to reminisce with Deb about life-changing moments, as we were staying in the hostel where we first met.

Then we got up early on Sunday morning and headed down to Perth where I spoke to the church about perseverance, and to the youth group about relationships!

Eventually we made it back to Glasgow – me to have a day’s rest before getting ready to preach again this Sunday at King’s, Deb to start twelve consecutive days of work. It all adds up to a pretty busy time but I’m really enjoying myself and feeling like I’m making the most of my time up here: hanging out loads with Deb, serving churches, and growing a lot.

Reports that I am launching a Tartan Ministries Tour should be regarded as false.