Christmas treats

A bunch of festive stuff for you to enjoy...

Christmas is happening is an online advent adventure with some great art (below) and beautiful arrangements of popular and obscure carols. Day 11's God rest ye merry gentlemen is particularly excellent and the whole month is well worth exploring.

I've watched the first two episodes of the BBC's The Nativity and it's been excellent. Neither cynical or mystical, it feels much more real than most things like this usually do. If you live in the UK you can catch up on iPlayer.

Less authentic but quite funny is this suggestion of how the Christmas story might have been told if Facebook had been around 2,000 years ago...

Two years on, these are still my favourite Christmas tunes.

Finally, a big apology to anyone who has the right to expect a Christmas card from me. For some reason I seem to send cards on a biannual basis and this is one of the "I must get round to that..." years. In no way does this make up for their absence (unless you put your computer on your mantelpiece) but here's my Christmas collection for this year.

Hope those of you travelling over the next few days get where you're headed to, and that all of you have a great Christmas.