Read the Bible this year

Seriously, do it.

Probably the best tool you can use to help you with this is a YouVersion reading plan. You can choose one online and/or download an app for almost any mobile which you can follow day by day. The team who have made this happen are incredible.

Last year I went with a chronological reading plan which, as the name suggests, got me reading according to when the events happened, rather than the (occasionally random) order of the books in the Bible. It was interesting to read David's psalms at the same time as his life story, and to see how the different Old Testament prophets and New Testament letters fit in the history of God and His people. However it also meant that I didn't get to the gospels until Autumn by which time I found myself gasping for them.

This year Deb and I are going to use the M'Cheyne plan at half speed, so we'll be reading two chapters a day, one from the Old and one from the New, which means we'll read the whole Bible over the next two years. This pace gives a bit more time for meditation, we hope.

Whatever you believe, read the Bible this year - it is God speaking to you.