The week's retweets

More good stuff via Twitter:

Sounds Good To Me celebrated a year of fancying new music with a mixtape, simultaneously looking to the future and recalling the golden days when music had a Side A and a Side B.

A fellow English graduate described the life we lead.

Terry Virgo found another puritan who wasn't miserable. The opposite, in fact.

Edinburgh City Council offered prizes for recycling (whilst continuing to give me barely-deserved parking tickets).

The end of Festival fireworks display was amazing, as these photos by Chris and the Edinburgh Reporter show. I didn't take photos but some people around me tried to film the whole thing on their phones, which was surely a double waste of time: you don't enjoy the moment, and you won't enjoy it later either because your technology isn't good enough. I kept these thoughts to myself at the time.

PJ Smyth suggested five ways to affair-proof your marriage.

The Newfrontiers Theology website continued to deliver the kind of goods I love to read: Andrew Wilson writing about how interpreting the Bible is far more complex than most of us give it credit for but still hopeful, and Matthew Hosier exploring whether it's possible to love God and His gifts at the same time.

The Edinburgh University Students Association offered a helpful map for Freshers. It missed at least one key place, however, King's Church.

Lastly, another C.S. Lewis quote, this one about how Christians shouldn't just be writing books about Christianity, they should be just writing books.