Ethical energy

If you noticed the news yesterday about the government trying to get energy firms to be fairer and you thought to yourself that your company probably isn't that fair, can I recommend Ebico to you?

Ebico is the UK's only not-for-profit energy supplier. In their own words:
[We are] aiming to offer a better, fairer deal for domestic energy to British households. We are also an expanding enterprise committed to working both for social justice and the wise use of the earth’s resources, in a variety of ways.
These ways include offering "you the chance to be part of a wider community; by choosing our Equigas and Equipower tariffs you will be helping us help those who find heating and lighting their homes adequately a real challenge."

It was formed by Christians wanting to make a difference in this vital area of public life. Managing Director Phil Levermore explained to The Guardian in 2005 how it began:
"I was working in the energy sector around the time the market was liberalised and realised that all the power companies were very keen to get their hands on the wealthier customers (paying by direct debit) at the expense of those on pre-payment or quarterly plans.
"We considered setting up a lobby group to campaign for this group, but decided it was better to set up a company to directly address the issue,"

I love that attitude, and how they've gone about their business, so for me it's a no-brainer to use them. Check out their website for even more enthusiasm (if that were possible).