Elsewhere in week 46

We stayed here last week: there was a wood-burning stove in it, and the Milky Way outside it.

As the slow decline of Roger Federer continues, Ed Smith explains why he's a sportsman like no other (whilst acknowledging that the monographed jacket was bad).

Is John Lewis the most patient man on Twitter?

The fall of the Berlin Wall was the answer to many people calling on God, so says the BBC.

The ESV Study Bible is the one I use every day, and you can get its online app for free right now thanks to Crossway's special offer.

Martin Luther recounts how he would invite the devil to "kiss my backside".

Facebook isn't cool with the kids, according to Parmy Olson. It still made sales of $2.1bn last quarter, though.

The use of names in the New Testament might not seem particularly interesting and important, but as Peter Williams explains, it is both.