Elsewhere in week 48

If the sun is going to start setting around lunchtime, as it currently is in Edinburgh, then it might as well do an outstanding job of it.

It may be difficult to find a good word to say about Reverand Paul Flowers but, as Gillian Scott notes, it's Jesus who has the last word.

The shared anniversy of the deaths of John Kennedy, C.S. Lewis, and Aldous Huxley is an opportunity for Ross Douthat to consider hope.

It's Bryan Appleyard's turn to ask if Apple has had its day.

Pope Francis I's first "apostolic exhortation", The Joy of The Gospel is rapturously received by James Martin.

It isn't hard for Mehr Tarar to paint a picture of hypocrisy when she describes how the west responds to different Muslim governments.

How hard is it to be a church leader? Mike Niebauer warns against exaggeration and Matt Hosier writes honestly about one of the most difficult tensions they face.

Jared Lafitte offers ten tips for doing adulthood well.

I never thought of Alex Salmond as looking like Mickey Mouse but now Peter Brookes has shown me otherwise.

Repeat after me, "We are all unique"...