Elsewhere in week 49

We've been using our church building as a study space for students in the city, with free WiFi and hot drinks. There's a room that's intensely quiet, and another which is more café-style and slightly less efficient for study, it seems.

Want a mashup of 2013's pop? DJ Earworm always delivers the goods. What about 2014? The boys at Sounds Good To Me Too and a bunch of other blogs have made their non-pop recommendations. I liked Iyes and Rhodes.

Some scientists have declared that the virgin birth of Jesus is impossible. Derek Rishmawy is suitably unimpressed.

Could you build a house that looks like something from The Shire for £150? Michael Buck did.

How can a leader change someone's life? Sam OklahomaPK tells his story.

"Hardworking families" is one of the worst phrases in politics, as Ed West points out.

Manchester United Vice-Chairman Ed Woodward wants a Football League B-team. Insert your own joke about the current first team here.

Dave Morris sounds another cry for the preservation of Scotland's wilderness.

The church Deb grew up in has made a Lego nativity.

How many of the Internet Movie Database's top-250 ranked films have you seen? I'm on 82.

As my friend Sam said, it's difficult to know what's more impressive about this goal: the lob, or the fact that Paul Scholes made a clean tackle...