Elsewhere in week 21

I attended a colourful wedding. (Not pictured: the matching Nike Air Max worn by the bride and groom.)

Life at Manchester United is going to get a lot more interesting, whatever happens on the pitch. Peter Zantingh gives British journalists ten rules for interviewing Louis van Gaal.

Want to print your photos onto your trainers? Kwame Opam reports on the forthcoming app for that.

Mary Wakefield offers proof that having money makes you meaner.

A playground made of junk is a better idea than you might think, according to Anna Moore.

How does Christian comedian Paul Kerensa respond when people he's working with want to take a script in a direction he doesn't believe to be right? A great answer for any Christian wanting to make a difference wherever they work:

Finally, David Powlison considers whether someone can be a Christian if they are living in constant sin: