Week 34: vote Potter, the power of memory, the best way to start the football season

I climbed up some of the Pentland Hills, and so did this old man and his dog.

Did Harry Potter affect how you vote? Anthony Gierzynski thinks he might have done.

Staying with the power of fantasy, Jeffrey Bilbro shows how J.R.R. Tolkien used hope and memory to celebrate and inspire goodness. (His surname sounds a bit Hobbitty, doesn't it?)

Paul Tripp also highlights the importance of memory for Christians in need of God's strength.

Alistair Roberts explains the principles behind modern sexual ethics.

If the insatiable size of Facebook leaves you feeling disconcerted and disconnected, Ben Popper has news of something you might prefer: Nextdoor.

Lore Ferguson is doing a series of interviews with influential single people.

As the football season is now upon us with all its seriousness, David Mitchell's peerless promo deserves a rerun...