This week: successful marriages, thinking clearly, Facebook nonsense, a leap second

We went to a wedding whose ceilidh was briefly kind-of heart-shaped.

If "thinking more clearly" is on your list of aims for 2015, turning down the digital noise in your life will probably help. Matt Simmonds gives some good suggestions for making this happen.

If "reading the Bible" is also on the list (good choice), David Mathis has some great advice on how to do this. A load of other practical tips are also available from me, and John Piper's Look At The Book could help you too.

And if "have a long and happy marriage" is on that list too, Emily Esfahani Smith reports on research which shows that "kindness" is what you need the most. As the person who pointed this out to me noted, kindness is one of the "fruits of the Spirit" listed in the Bible (Galatians 5:22), the kind of thing that God grows in you as you co-operate with Him.

There's still time to invite your MP to get involved in ending religious persecution.

Talking of time, James Vincent explains why we're getting an extra second this year, and how that could confuse a lot of machines.

You know when people put that thing on Facebook about having copyright over their photos and stuff? Gareth Rubin says it's nonsense.

Finally, Psalms sung in Gaelic, a cappella? Incredible...