This week: reviving London, shampooing hair, teaching kids, avoiding burnout, burning matches

The weather in Edinburgh wasn't always this clear.

Don’t let anyone tell you Christianity is finished in the UK: Erasmus reports on what’s happening in London.

Shampooed hair can be made into great photos by Lo Cheuk Lun.

If you want to teach children the story of Christianity and not merely its morality, Ed Stetzer has some advice for you.

Adrian Wooldridge laments the influence of PPE degree courses in British politics.

How do you avoid burnout if you’re serving in a church, particularly as a leader? Paul Tripp gives eleven principles to keep you in the grace of God.

They’re sort of making a star in France: Alok Jha reports on the hope of future energy.

Talking of burnout and reactions, here’s my mate Dave Hill’s pyramid of matches...