This week: collapsing middles, preaching and singing, simple judgements, world photos

I'm still going through the photos of our time in Paris - can you guess where I was when I took this one?

Andrew Marr describes why the centre has collapsed in British politics, and what the future may look like in consequence. In Scotland, Alex Massie reports on business as usual among nationalists.

Why do Christians preach and sing? John Piper explains.

Timothy Keller helps us see how what our culture thinks about relationships isn't what marriage really is.

The difference between what a piece of culture says and how it says it is explored by Ailssa Wilkinson - which enables her to show that God's Not Dead and Fifty Shades of Grey are essentially the same story. An important read for those of us who like to make simplistic judgements.

Talking of simplistic judgements, David Aaronovitch resists them and instead speaks sense about the Jeremy Clarkson thing.

Some of the photos shortlisted for the 2015 Sony World Photography Award are shared by Alice Yoo.