This week: stupid Christians, pushy parents, philistine socialists, interactive maps, embroidery

We went to a very picturesque wedding.

The reasons why young Christians (guys especially) can be so stupid sometimes, even when they have plenty of knowledge, are explored by Darren Carlson.

Jonathan Jones explains why our architectural heritage is so important to understanding who we are.

The true source of exam pressure is parents, suggests Janice Turner (£).

Ten lessons that Ray Ortlund's father taught him.

Without wishing to blow our trumpet, this reflection by Anna Delamerced on her time at King's shows what's at stake in church student work.

If you've ever wanted to see an interactive map of the world's major mass transit systems, say thank you to GeOps and the University of Freiburg.

Finally, a celebration of Magna Carta in emboidery...