Week 2 Miscellany: writing, being shockable, preparing for a new kind of Premier League, teacakes

It's nowhere near this snowy yet but I didn't take any photos this week so here's Glencoe in 2010

What does it mean to write with a Christian worldview. Timothy and Kathy Keller explain, giving lots of helpful advice on how not to be a bad Christian writer.

Continuing to be shocked by bad news is hard but Natalie Williams argues that it's important.

The ongoing craziness of this year's Premier League has caused Rory Smith to consider whether a major reset of the assumptions of hierarchy is in process.

A lot of BuzzFeed writes is rubbish but when they're being quietly funny about something ridiculous it's worth a read. Jamie Ross attended a protest against Tunnock's Tea Cakes.

I preached on Paul's total focus in Philippians 1:12-26.