Week 15 miscellany: Jihad, masterpieces, moral phones, good sleep

This wasn't the only thing on display at our Tesco's local produce section, but it was most of it

Is Jihad the same as Old Testament warfare? Former Muslim Nabeel Qureshi explains how those are two very different things.

An inspirational interview for Christian artists, Jeffrey Overstreet talks to Terry Glaspey about his wonderful-looking new book, 75 Masterpieces.

If you feel uneasy about the way your smartphone is made, the Fairphone 2 may be of interest to you.

Lots of things contribute to getting a bad night's sleep; Mark Molloy reports on a formula to help get yourself ready to rest.

You probably have to be a certain type of person to expect others (or even yourself) to act in line with what they say they believe, and Derek Rishmawy puts us right on this.