Week 21 miscellany: confusion at Man Utd, during graduation ceremonies, and in 30s and 40s

I went to an event at the Signet Library last week, it's very fancy.

How crazy was Louis van Gaal at Manchester United? Not as crazy as Manchester United itself, suggests Jonathan Lieu.

My friend Stef Liston wants to make his epic poem, He Was and Is and Is To Come into a fully illustrated book, and maybe even a film, and you can help him with that.

As graduands around the world start attending their graduation ceremonies, David Brooks wants more commencement speeches that help them realise how life works.

If you're way past graduating and still don't know how life works, Beth Moore's perspective for 30s and 40s could really help you.

Here's Michael Reeves telling the story of William Tyndale and the early English reformers...