Week 23 miscellany: Ramadan, theology made visual, EU "facts", Yorkshire, getting pure

This was the view from our holiday cottage in Whitby. This was the only moment that it was sunny.

Ramadan started this week, a month in which Muslims fast and seeking God. The 30 Days of Prayer website has a daily prayer topic for Christians, along with articles to help them understand Muslims and Islam better. If you want to see how those prayers are being answered, David Garrison has some amazing research results.

If you find most church powerpoints not that great but still better than just a load of text, you might like Tim Challies and Josh Byers' book, Visual Theology.

The EU referendum debate continues to be tedious and annoying in proportion to how important it is. Martyn Lewis has made a helpful contribution by pointing out that the decision is less about facts and more about preferences and appetite for risk.

As he so often does, Andrew Wilson sifts a theological debate charitably and wisely: this time it's about Bethel Church.

Joe Shute reports on the Archbishop of York's pilgrimage around his diocese.

For those battling with issues of lust and pornography - or any other sin - Jimmy Needham's advice on what really matters and how to achieve it will be encouraging.