Week 42 miscellany: singleness, cycling madness, working class world, refugees welcomed

Wandering along the beautifully autumnal Water of Leith, we stumbled upon Redhall Walled Garden. A lovely place and an excellent project.

J.D. Vance's book Hillbilly Elegy has got plenty of praise for its description of white (non) working class America. Scottish church planter Mez McConnell adds to this with his reflections on the British equivalent. Mez shares some of his own childhood experiences, which are distressing, but also the life-changing hope of the gospel.

What happens when Syrian refugees are sent to Aberystwyth? Tom Rowley reports on the kind of story we need to hear and celebrate more often.

One of my weird talents is preempting what the sports commentator is going to say next. Adam Hurrey explains why it's not that difficult, given how cliché-riddled sport is.

My friend Andrew Bunt has done the best job I've ever heard on giving Christians a theology of singleness. Vital viewing for singles and marrieds, I would suggest:

Danny MacAskill has made another video of him doing ridiculous things on a bike. At one point I wondered if he was going to jump over a shark but this is great fun: