Here and There, Week 7 2017

No time for photos this week, so here's a vapour trail at dusk from a few weeks ago

We're living in a cultural moment which questions whether gender exists, so it's helpful to have Debra W. Soh explain conclusively that it does, and it matters.

Whatever party in the UK you support, you should want a real opposition so that governments can be scrutinised. Jonathan Freedland laments the uselessness of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership in this regard.

"Is pain punishment for my sin?" is a commonly-asked question by Christians, and John Piper has given his answer.

You no longer need to go to New York to see the entire collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You can even download and remix the images, suggests Loic Tallon.

In case you've been put off building a wall by their recent prominence in the news, Andrew Peterson describes his pleasantly domestic project.

Sriram Murali shows us what Orion looks like away from the light pollution of cities...