Here and There, Week 22 2017

Term ended for students the way it usually does here: with barbecue smoke on the Meadows

You might not care in the least what it takes to make a footballer, but even so I recommend you read Rio Ferdinand's letter to his younger self. It begins as the story of many British footballers, which is fascinating enough, but then it becomes the story of very few British footballers: those at the top of the world's game.

Whether you know what font this blog is published in or not, you might want to consider Ben Hersh's view that fonts are at the forefront of our culture wars.

Realising the logical conclusions of atheism sent Sarah Irving-Stonebraker in search of God, and He found her.

Given the choice between cynicism and discernment, most of us would prefer to be the latter; Samuel James defines the differences.

Bethany Jenkins helps us to process why we think that our job is the most important one there is. On a related note, Courtney Reissig explains why "at-home" work is an issue of justice.

Here's the story of how a village in China took 166 children from a local orphanage into their homes: