Ethical shopping list

It should matter to us if how we spend our money can make other people's lives better or worse, shouldn't it?

Below is a list of companies and products I've found who have proclaimed their ethical credentials. I don't have the expertise to have proved it but they seem credible. I'll be updating this list as and when I find additions for it.

If you want to think more about this topic in general, Consumer Detox by Mark Powley gives a clear Christian perspective on how to live in a consumer society, and Savannah DiMarco writes passionately about rejecting "fast fashion".

Various products: Ethical Market

Clothing: Patagonia, Visible Clothing, People Tree, Know The Origin, Brothers We Stand, Thought, BirdSong

Children's toys: Pebble Child

Shoes: Toms, Birdsong, Veja

Bags and accessories: Madlug, Elvis & Kresse, Birdsong

Jewellery: Birdsong

Footballs: Alive and Kicking

Phones: Fairphone

Home and Lifestyle: Nkuku

Gas and Electricity: Ebico

Banking: Charity Bank