Saughton Park Garden

What will your emblem of coronavirus be? It will probably be face masks, but I keep noticing faded posters on the side of buses for movies due to be released months ago, and large numbers of weeds growing along the edges of roads and paths. I’ve also seen more bees than ever before. This may be due to taking a lot slow walks in parks and others places with plants, or maybe when everyone had to stay at home the bees were able to move around a lot more.

Either way, it’s been fun taking photos of them (my favourite is the last one below) and being made aware of yet another instance of incredible natural diversity: I was impressed to find more than two types but apparently there are more than 250 species of bee in the UK.

The Secret Herb Garden

Redhall Walled Garden

Harrison Park

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh