A wild leaders' meeting

For those of you who struggle with punctuation, the title of this post means that I was at a meeting of leaders which was wild, not at a meeting of wild leaders! Having said that, the second description isn't misleading because God is wild and loves to stir up His people, and that's what happened this morning.

Every other Thursday morning, the leaders of Newfrontiers churches in our region gather together to share news, worship God, and pray. A number of people shared about some of the incredible things that God is doing, here's a couple of the stories. A man who was deaf and had used a hearing aid since the 1960's was prayed for and now doesn't need his hearing aid! Someone with a badly damaged back was completely healed from all pain and restriction! I'm always careful about using too many exclamation marks when I write, but I think those sentences fully deserved them. We also heard about many other healings, people putting their trust in Jesus for the first time, other going on new adventures in faith... it was really exciting. For me, there's no doubt that God is on the move, as I mentioned in the post below.

The fitting response to this great news was to worship, which we did with great joy, and to pray for one another that we might see more of these things happening. And so things got wild: people were laughing and staggering about: overwhelmed by God. Others were not so physically expressive but equally moved. Manifestations are totally secondary to what God is doing: the fruit, as Jesus called it, is what matters because it is this which truly shows whether something is of God or not (Matthew 7:15-23).

For myself, I felt a sense of God's love for me and His power, and a sense of commissioning to keep trusting Him to do amazing things through me and around me. I'm passionate about seeing God's Kingdom come through His people at Brickhill, and I want to play my part in helping to make that happen as a co-worker with Christ. That means being mature as a leader. Mature doesn't mean boring; I consider it to mean wise and passionate, like Jesus. Wild, even. Here's praying and believing for more sentences that end with an exclamation mark for the glory of God.