One thing you need for 2009

I preached from 1 Peter 5:5-7 on the last Sunday of 2008, having felt God put the subject of humility on my heart as vitally important for the coming year. Humility is always important, I hope the timeliness of this brings that reality home to many, especially myself! The download will be available here eventually.

Though there are few resources on humility, those I have found have been very helpful. I'd strongly encourage you to get hold of as many of those listed below as possible:

CJ Mahaney preaching on how humility challenges the proud.

Mark Driscoll acknowledging his previous lack of humility and commending humility to himself and his church.

Charles Spurgeon compares pride and humility.

Tim Keller on how humility mercifully takes attention away from ourselves.

The text of Andrew Murray's excellent book Humility, which started this whole thought-process in me, is available here and you can buy copies of it elsewhere.

CJ Mahaney's Humility: true greatness is fairly expensive for its relative brevity but is a wise investment for its insight and practicality.

May you know God better in 2009, for your joy and His glory!