The servant of the Lord

My preach from Sunday is now available online. Based on Luke 1:26-38 it looks at Mary the mother of Jesus as an outstanding example to us of someone who served God. After briefly explaining how an Evangelical perspective on Mary differs from the Catholic view I was brought up with, I spoke about how being the servant of the Lord involves new plans that are not easy but will leave us with no regrets.

By God's amazing grace this seems to have been a good one; I've had so much positive feedback from it. I'm really grateful to God that I get to serve this way.

Please forgive me cracking a joke about my mum being able to empathise with Mary about bringing up a perfect child, I sometimes say things I shouldn't.

A book that I found really helpful in my preparation for this preach is Mary the mother of Jesus by Wendy Virgo. It's a creative re-telling of Mary's life story based on what we know of her from the Bible. I found it involved me in Mary's story in a fresh way, and stirred my love for Jesus as a wonderful Saviour. It's out of print but you can pick up second-hand copies, it's well worth a read.