Pregnancy Counselling Centre on local TV

The Grove is a project begun by the church I serve. It is a pregnancy crisis and post-abortion centre, providing people with support at a time of crisis through enabling them to make a considered decision about their unplanned pregnancy or helping them cope with the aftermath of an abortion. In the ten years that it has been operating God has demonstrated His love for it in countless amazing ways and Monday night was yet another of those moments.

The local ITV news led with the story of a teenager who pretended that she had found a baby abandoned who was, in fact, hers. It's a glimpse into the emotional turmoil of someone facing an unplanned pregnancy and the report went on to tell of the support there is in Bedford for people in this situation, highlighting the work of The Grove. It's our prayer that God will use this moment to bring more people to The Grove where they will be able to encounter the love of God and the care of His people.

If you're local to Bedford and feel stirred about this project, The Grove are running a training course for volunteers in March, and hold regular prayer meetings. Contact them for more information.

You can see the story here; it doesn't seem to like Firefox but works fine on other browsers.