25 things about me

This pass-it-on, tell-everyone-about-yourself is going around Facebook at the moment. The deal is you write 25 things about yourself (how narcissistic is our culture?) and pass it on to others. Seeing as that's basically blogging I thought I'd put it on here too.

1. I tried to hold out doing this but have caved in to the opportunity to talk. About myself.

2. If it hadn't been for a briefcase I took to Biddenham Upper School on my first day there, I might never have gone to a new church, had my life transformed by Jesus, and ended up working for that church.

3. Except I believe that God's plans are more significant in determining what happens than man's decisions.

4. Supporting Manchester United, though tough in the 80's, has enhanced my sense of relentless optimism.

5. My surname is not a disease, it's a name from Lithuania that could be translated Davidson. It should be Dovydaitis but the immigration official misspelt it and my Granddad was too scared to correct him.

6. Moby drew a cartoon on my copy of his album 'Play' when I interviewed him. It got robbed when my house was burgled.

7. I'm really fussy. Food, music, clothes, spelling & punctuation… My girlfriend has been told she should take this as a compliment.

8. Give me choice between speaking to 500 strangers and one stranger and I'd take the 500 every time.

9. I love preaching. Love it. I feel most fulfilled in terms of job/calling when that's going well. God is amazing, the Bible is amazing, and I get to share this with people in the hope that God uses it to change their lives - incredible!

10. My first ever gig was Smashing Pumpkins, the night before my French GCSE Listening exam. It was amazing.

11. I rarely use a simple word when a complicated synonym could be employed.

12. I think lines like the one above are funny.

13. I have a toy lamb called Sam with whom I shared a bed for many years.

14. My ability to do dumb things is incredible: paint dripped on carpet, gloves melted on stove, keys locked in shed, easy goals missed in sport, various valuable items lost, plus consistently saying really stupid comments… please God these things humble me.

15. I cried when Nanna died in The Royle Family.

16. "Blogging" is a horrible word and a potentially arrogant exercise, but I enjoy it nevertheless.

17. I've shared houses with twenty different people; currently I live alone.

18. I am rubbish at keeping up with old acquaintances.

19. I took an IQ test once that scored me 131 and compared me to Charles Dickens.

20. Disney's version of Winnie the Pooh is one of the great cultural aberrations of our time.

21. I procrastinate to a frustrating degree.

22. I love mountains and the sea and live about as far away from either as it's possible to in the UK.

23. Photos are brilliant.

24. Too many of these points begin with "I"; that should be instructive.

25. I will think of better things to put in here after I have posted it.